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Make money you want!

Become our Agent today for FREE and earns 20% sales commission each time your referrals turns into purchases!

How does it work?

  • Step 1 : Click here and register as our agent (it’s FREE)
  • Step 2 : In your account, please set your profile completely with Full Name | Bank Account Name | Bank Account Number
  • Step 3: Copy generated Referral Links Eg:
  • Step 4 :Share your Referral Links in Whatsapp Group, Facebook or in your Instagram Bio!

Every time someone clicks your link, a cookie / tracking code will be placed in your friend’s browser. For 30 days, this cookie / tracking code is valid just for you.
So, if the customer make a purchase online to our website, you will be notified immediately and earn 20% of the sale amount easily!

You can withdraw your earning on each 1st of the month with us from your agent Dashboard Page