Meet our Founder

Director & Founder of SKIN STORIES
Fildza Daniel is a 19-year-old teenager (2017) which is the youngest among his 3 siblings who started an online business alone in the family in early 2015 in his adolescent years . Having more than 30,000 of followers on his personal Instagram and started using Instagram since he was 14 years old,he started off as a dropship by selling other’s brand beauty & health products using Instagram platform by creating new account focusing on a business account during that time. After 4 months of trading on social media as a dropship he was able to generate sales reach up to RM 6,000 a month in the fourth month as a dropship without capital and upgrade himself as a stockist and his sales at the end of his business as a stockist of RM 200,000.00++

By the end of 2016, at the age of 18. Fildza Daniel decided to release his own brand as he was confident and bold to try something new and wanted to engaged himself with challenges at a young age and named the brand as Skin Stories. In the first week of Skin Stories products are warmly welcomed by all Malaysians.

To his surprise, his product are sold out less than 2 weeks after the releasing date.

Less than 2 months after Skin Stories was released, Skin Stories has more than a thousand agents & stockists throughout Malaysia. In fact, Skin Stories is also great for its reception from Singapore & Brunei. Skin Stories also received great celebrations from celebrities and instafamous. Skin Stories also been on TV platform for multiple times such as ASTRO and TV Al-Hijrah.

Fildza Daniel is greatly thankful for such utter support from his family,friends and a spectacular team that always support him and always in line behind his back due to Fildza Daniel is currently under way in studying Diploma In Teaching English As A Second Language student in a university .

Fildza Daniel serenely believes he can produce more and more successful online sellers who seem to be capable of educate themselves from nothing to generate income at home. He also believes Skin Stories will be more successful and well-known brand as an ecstatic, timeless, exclusive and in the extreme illustrious brand to all women and men in the future.

Skin Stories was debut on 14th December 2016 along with their first product release of Celebrity Feminine Scrub Wash. The idea of releasing Skin Stories was since September 2016 and founded by Fildza Daniel (Founder Of Skin Stories) due to his past experience in online business industry since the early of 2015. Fildza Daniel wants to brings his family to be part of the brand and decided to work with his family which is his sister Farisha Fadzleen and also received helps from the others family members because he wants Skin Stories to be one and part of the family as well.

The name Skin Stories due to Skin Stories wants to brings products from head to toe from day to night where every parts of our delicate yet beautiful skin have their own stories which works differently in every parts.

Due to a tremendous success of Celebrity Feminine Scrub Wash, Skin Stories did their 2nd release by releasing Fairy Kisses on August 2017 which is a supplement and received great celebrations from Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei. On 1st January 2019 Skin Stories released a brand new shower scrub named All Body Ask.


Skin Stories will brings more exciting and modern beauty, health and cosmetics and wanted to come out with different colours and variations in the future . Defined by clean silhouettes and interesting detail, all items in the evolving line will reflect founder’s personal taste and inspirations.

The SKIN STORIES team works to ensure the products create a cohesive line defined by the same spirit of understated chic.